If you want to succeed, the Office Center is what you need...
The Office Center of Gurnee and its related services are designed to be cost effective, convenient, confidential and stress free in a professional and friendly setting. Because of the quality of our services we have been reported upon many times by Chicago area newspapers. Our services meet the needs of successful local, regional and national companies from one-person businesses to large corporations.

Our office headquarters is near one of the major intersections of the Illinois toll road. This makes us convenient for people who travel between Illinois and Wisconsin.

Our clients---usually long term---include start-up companies or young firms. Several New York Stock Exchange corporations, including their legal, personnel and corporate headquarters staff, make us their home for confidential work.

Our office suites and corporate identity clients include many law firms, financial planners, insurance professionals, public relations and marketing firms, federal and military commands, medical companies, personnel executives, high tech businesses, consultants, real estate, international trade companies, health, nursing, and other kinds of businesses.

"Just about anybody who wants to save money and not be diverted from their main work needs our help"


Office Programs


Value Added Services


Meeting Rooms

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