If you want to succeed, the Office Center is what you need...

We are committed to your success. Our staff awaits your instructions and completes the task, making your business our priority.

Our administrative services include:
Photocopy - On demand photocopier connected directly at your desk.
Mini office kitchen - coffee and tea services available, fully equipped with all necessary appliances and related supplies.
Office equipment - all important office needs such as, paper shredder, collater, fax machine, paper cutter, scanner, writing materials, postage meter, etc.
Notaries - we have staff members who are notaries.
Word processing - When you need letters and forms filled out or repetitve letters, our staff can handle it from handwritten draft, computer disk or dictations.
Scheduling - We can set up and cancel appointments and arrange large meetings.
Dictation - we have 24/7 automatic call-in dictation as well as the ability to transcribe from cassette tapes.
Fulfillment programs - collate, fold letters, make labels, print personalized letters, proofread and provide list management.
Association management - associations rely upon our help and knowledge in maintaining their organizations and keeping in knock off watches touch with their members.
Our clients are long term. These include associations involved in metallurgy, journalism, authors, replica watches Little League, religious groups, business associations, real estate---including property management of office complexes in Lake County---charitable service groups and others.

Office Programs


Value Added Services


Meeting Rooms

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